Online Flower & Horticulture Resources

Growing flowers and plants either professionally or just for fun is an activity that often requires a lot of research. Those that grow plants must research how, when, and where to plant specific plants and flowers, as well as how to care for them. This can become confusing for those that grow multiple types of flowers. Luckily, there are many online florist and general horticulture resources available to guide growers. In addition to providing information about types of plants, these resources can be helpful in determining the best ways of gardening. They include information on beekeeping, keeping a family garden with children, and deciding on which specific plants to grow in which seasons. Performing research before planting or ordering plants and supplies from reputable florists allows gardeners and florists to increase their chances of growing a productive flower or vegetable garden.

Pollination is necessary for both the fertilization and the reproduction of plants. The most common means of pollination for those growing flowers is beekeeping. Bees are kept because they are able to transfer pollen from male flower parts to female flower parts, which enables plants to reproduce. This is important for florists, as it enables them to keep selling flowers from season to season.

Gardening with children can be an excellent family activity. Some of the most popular types of gardens for children include butterfly and vegetable gardens. Butterfly gardens are designed specifically to attract butterflies by planting specific types of flowers that attract these insects. This is exciting for children because they are able to watch the flowers grow and then later watch the butterflies flock to the flowers. With vegetable gardens, children get the experience of witnessing how vegetables make their way to their plates. Either choice is a great way to get children interested in nature.

Bonsai trees are miniature Asian tree plants. They are often used in Zen gardens or elsewhere for aesthetic purposes. Bonsai trees do not produce a source of food or flower. They have leaves and are shaped like traditional trees, but on a smaller scale. Bonsai trees are very different from other types of plants and require special care.

Lilies are a popular type of flower that are often grown in personal and commercial gardens and by those in the flower delivery industry. They come in a variety of colors, including pink, red, orange, yellow, and white. Generally they are in bloom from spring to fall, with trumpet-shaped flowers on large stems. They are well known for their fragrant appeal.

Autumn flowers are flowers that bloom between the months of September and November in most countries. These include flower types such as Baby's Breath, Cosmos, certain types of Roses, Freesias and Lavender. Autumn flowers are generally included in fall floral arrangements that are sent for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Halloween. These flowers can withstand colder temperatures than other flower types and require less sunlight than spring or summer flower varieties.