Georgian Music

Table of Contents

  • GeoClips.TV – Only the Best Georgian Musical Videos
  •  Geo Chords – Georgian Guitar Chords (ქართული გიტარის აკორდები)
  •  Georgian Lyrics – Lyrics of Georgian songs and songs sung by Georgian artists
  •  Georgian Music Forum – Free MP3, Mid and music files. Download and upload files, post your message
  •  Georgian Polyphony – Rustavi Choir and Duduki Trio, Omar Kelaptrishvili; by Susanne Ziegler 
  •  Georgian Songs for Kids – MID collection, 19 songs 
  •  Rustavi Choir – “Georgian Voices” 
  •  Ensemble Tbilisi – Brief history of the ensemble and its picture
  •  Georgian Folk and Sacred Music – History and tradition
  •  “Suliko” – Old Georgian Folk Music 
  •  Musical note of “Cherubic Hymn”, English version based on Georgian Chant “Shen khar venakhi – You Are Vineyard” (check also page 2 & 3 ) 
    View also as PDF

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