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Georgia is a fascinating cultural place. This can be said about the capital of the country – Tbilisi. Once part of the ancient spice route this city has been influenced by technology, religion and trade. As well as this the nature of the country, being bordered by communist Russia, as well as muslim countries means it is a vibrant melting pot of customs and cultures. This goes hand in hand with the architecture of the city. Today we will learn about some of the buildings on Tbilisi and the architectural elements. There is also the Tbilisi architecture biennial which is an international architecture festival. 

Dzveli Tbilisi

Old Tbilisi georgia is known for its winding streets and allies, one would expect this of an old town, but the streets in Georgia are brilliant for taking a step back in time and immersing yourself in this ancient city. You will find many restaurants serving traditional Georgian cuisine as well as Georgian Wine and more. You will find many hotels and museums, so please take your time to look around the streets. 

Old Tbilisi architecture echoes what attracted settlers here in the first place – surrounded by lush mountains and a temperate climate, no wonder the Gerogian people made Tbilisi their home. There is also a variation within the old time of cultures. Many people think that immigration is a new thing, but the fact remains that it has been happening ever since civilisation began. Really, immigration and the mixing of cultures is what makes this old town fascinating and charming. 

Houses in old town Georgia are often made of wood. With balconies, and nestled into the mountainside. . There is also an Asian quarter of the old town, which adds to the vibrancy. 

Yet this old town  is a stunning example of architecture. Many of the grand older buildings have not survived. Many buildings were destroyed in the Persian invasions. 

Narikala Fortress

On the top of the mountain, overlooking the old town stands the Narikala fortress which is 300ad. Originally founded by the Neo-persian empire, this fortress is still intact today and can in fact be visited and seen upon your visit to Tbilisi.

This fortification has changed hands a few times, and is currently owned by the Georgians, and was expanded quite significantly by King David the builder in the 8th century. 

Rustaveli Avenue Tbilisi

On this avenue there are many restaurants, shops and old building that look amazing, and we are here to discover just a few.

Vasil Gabashvili Blue house

This house is a fine example of the woodcarving we previously spoke of. These balconies are practical, as well as a great way to display wealth and social standing within the community. This house was once owned by Vasil Gabashvili, a military commander. 

Erasti Tchavtchavadze HOUSE

Is a beautiful example of old style traditional Georgian architecture. This house was built by Georgian philanthropist Erasti Tchavtchavadze. The inside of the house is hand painted and decorated with scenes from Gerogian poems of old. An exquisite example of this architectural style. As well as this we have outer masonry with patterns and ornate detail. Surely worth a visit if you are passing by Aghmashenebeli Avenue in the old town.

Tbilisi modern architecture

As with cities, there are also a number of modern architectural wonders in Georgia. The House of Justice Tbilisi is an outstanding example of this architectural style. There are elements of nature featuring on the roof as well as the glass and natural materials. 

Music hall tbilisi

This is another brilliant example of this style, from these two large flute looking buildings compliment each other and house a concert hall and stage. 

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Tbilisi Architecture 2020

Georgia is a fascinating cultural place. This can be said about the capital of the country – Tbilisi. Once part

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