Mariam Lordkiphanidze – Georgia in the XI-XII Centuries

Table of Contents


The book of professor Mariam Lordkiphanidze – “Georgia in the XI – XII centuries” has published in 1967 by publishing house “Ganatleba”, Tbilisi, Georgia. Book editor George B. Hewitt.
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Chapter One

The Social and Economic Situation in Georgia in the Period from the Eleventh to the beginning of the Thirteenth Century

  1. Main Classes and the Class-Struggle
  2. Peasant-life and Duties
  3. Agriculture
  4. Towns, Crafts, Trade, Finances

Chapter Two

The Political Situation in Georgia in the Eleventh-Twelfth Centuries (up to the 1180 s)

  1. Struggle for the Unification of the Georgian Lands
  2. Domestic Policy of the Monarchy
  3. Foreign Policy of the Georgian Kingdom. Relations with Byzantium
  4. The Seljuk Invasion of the Transcaucasus
  5. Kingdom of David the Builder
  6. Political Situation in the 1120s-1170s. Foreign Policy in the reign of Demetre I and Giorgi III

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